Starting with .NET Core in Linux TDD style

This post is a briefly introduction to ASP .NET Core and TDD, I will use xUnit to build the most basic implementation of a todo-list.

Max Almonte 2018-11-23

Testing Laravel Zero dynamic commands

In this post I’ll show you a way to test commands with dynamic output e.g. those depending on some third party service like an API or a database.

Max Almonte 2018-11-14

Why we need mixed types in PHP

In this post I try to explain why I think we need a mixed pseudo-type in PHP and some of its possible usages, let’s the discussion begin!

Max Almonte 2018-10-10

PHPCollections version 1.0.0 is finally released

PHPCollections is a set of Java/C#-like collections written in PHP, the idea behind this is to have a similar way of dealing with large and complex amounts of data in a powerful way with a simple API instead of working with plain PHP arrays.

Max Almonte 2018-10-04

Why did I build this site?

In this post I will try to expose the main reasons why I built this blog and what to expect from this project.

Max Almonte 2018-10-01