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Interfaces in PHP don't make complete sense

The usage of interfaces is very extendend between PHP programmers, do they really make sense?

Max Almonte 2019-04-18

Working with null objects in Laravel

Dealing with nullable return types in your code can be such a pain and can force you to write one after another guard clause in your code. Here we will see how to implement some techniques to deal with these situations.

Max Almonte 2019-03-24

Starting with .NET Core in Linux TDD style

This post is a briefly introduction to ASP .NET Core and TDD, I will use xUnit to build the most basic implementation of a todo-list.

Max Almonte 2018-11-23

Testing Laravel Zero dynamic commands

In this post I’ll show you a way to test commands with dynamic output e.g. those depending on some third party service like an API or a database.

Max Almonte 2018-11-14

Why we need mixed types in PHP

In this post I try to explain why I think we need a mixed pseudo-type in PHP and some of its possible usages, let’s the discussion begin!

Max Almonte 2018-10-10

PHPCollections version 1.0.0 is finally released

PHPCollections is a set of Java/C#-like collections written in PHP, the idea behind this is to have a similar way of dealing with large and complex amounts of data in a powerful way with a simple API instead of working with plain PHP arrays.

Max Almonte 2018-10-04

Why did I build this site?

In this post I will try to expose the main reasons why I built this blog and what to expect from this project.

Max Almonte 2018-10-01