Why did I build this site?

The Internet is full of blogs and websites about technology, programming, and related topics, so, why to reinvent the wheel? Why build another website, another blog? Well in this post I will try to expose my reasons.

Expose my work

Artists like painters and sculpturists exhibit their work in a gallery, as software developers I think we also need a place to expose our work, it doesn't matter how small or ugly that place is. As a developer who has spend almost his entire career as a private employee I don't really have a lot of work to show, however I'm trying to be as involved as I can in open source, and I'm planning huge things for the future, so it would be nice to present my contributions to other people.

Make people know me

Beyond the software development it would be nice to be known just for being myself, the things I do, the things I like or not, my way of seeing the world. Having conversations with people about trivial things is just awesome.

Have fun

When I learned to code I did it with one single thing in mind to have fun, not to earn money, not to build a one million dollars application, just to have fun. Every line of code I write is supposed to be a pleasant experience to me and when I built this site I said to myself: "it would be fun to build my website from scratch", no Wordpress, no fancy CMS's, no frontend frameworks, just me, my code editor, and as few libraries as possible. To make it even better I said "let's just use technologies I haven't used it before", and I have to admit, I had a lot of fun building this simple website.


Well, I think that it's, those are the main reasons why I built this site, I will do my best to write some quality content and to contribute to the community as a writer, developer, and human being. Thanks for staying this long!